About Bear Escape Unlimited™

What we do know -

1998 - Gorilla Nation™ was born on a tropical island to parents from the last known troop of beach dwelling Gorillas in the world.

1999 - Gorilla Nation™ was a year old when he was tranquilized and taken captive by a zoo owner who shipped Gorilla Nation™ back to England to be placed in one of his zoos.

2000 - Gorilla Nation™ shared an enclosure with 3 Bears- Pandro, El-Bearo and Bear Nation, who have since become his adopted family. They cannot be separated now.

2017 - Gorilla Nation™ spent 1 year planning an escape from the zoo with His Bear Family - Operation Bear Escape Unlimited ™ was born.

2018 - Gorilla Nation™ and the Bears successfully escaped from the zoo and have been on the run for the last 2 years. They're in an undisclosed location somewhere in London.

2020 - Gorilla Nation™ and the Bears are now busy making Lit clothes for the whole world and also planning the second part of their escape to get back to their home paradise. Their only motive is Freedom and they will get it - Bear any means necessary.

"This is way bigger than some Super Plush Cuddly Bears with guns making T-shirts. This is Freedom."

- Gorilla Nation,  Orchestrator and Founder of Bear Escape Unlimited™